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HCSU Elections 2015 – RESULTS

Connor Halls (Events), Lee Pearson (President), Jennifer Megson (Enterprise) and Lloyd Haytack (Sports & Societies)

The HCSU Elections 2015 officially closed 3PM yesterday and we’re excited to announce the results! Please see below for the official election results statement from Lottie Thompson, Returning Officer for HCSU. We will be following this post on with introductory posts from each elected officer.

Following the Hull College Students’ Union Election yesterday I am pleased to announce the following results:

Lee Pearson 106 votes
Re-open Nominations 21 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Vice-President Goole:
Stephen Masih Firdous 89 votes
Re-open Nominations 38 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Vice-President Harrogate:
Emily Milburn 107 votes
Re-open Nominations 20 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Enterprise Officer:
Jennifer Megson 97 votes
Re-open Nominations 30 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Events Officer:
Connor Halls 55 votes
Brendan Townend 45 votes
Re-open Nominations 27 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Promotions and Marketing Officer:
Stuart Blackmore 88 votes
Re-open Nominations 39 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

Sports and Societies Officer:
Lloyd Haytack 101 votes
Re-open Nominations 26 votes
Spoiled Votes 0

I can therefore confirm that:

  • Lee Pearson is elected to the role of President
  • Stephen Masih Firdous is elected to the role of Vice-President Goole
  • Emily Milburn is elected to the role of Vice-President Harrogate
  • Jennifer Megson is elected to the role of Enterprise Officer
  • Connor Halls is elected to the role of Events Officer
  • Stuart Blackmore is elected to the role of Promotions and Marketing Officer
  • Lloyd Haytack is elected to the role of Sports and Societies Officer

The new officers will commence in post from July 2015 and I am sure you will join me in congratulating them on their successful campaigns.

Thank you to everyone who supported the elections and helped improve voter participation.

Lottie Thompson

Returning Officer

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to the official website of Hull College Group Students’ Union! We’ve been offline for a few weeks while we improved certain parts of our branding. However we are back just in time for Freshers’ 2014!

We have made it easier to find the content which you want! Looking for an event at Hull, Goole or Harrogate College? Visit our Events page to find events which are happening at your college. Maybe you’re looking for a society while you are studying at college? Then simply visit our Society page to view the societies which we run at your college, and even sign up for one!