Learn How Your Course Could Lead To a Future in the Game Industry

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Do you love playing games? Do you want to make games? Platform Studios and Hull College Student Union presents a fantastic gaming event for Further Education and Higher Education students at Hull College. Talk to indie game developers from the local area and learn how your course could lead to a future in the game industry!

Louis Dean an indie game developer from Hull presents a talk about his successful game “Spectra”, and how his game is now the first UK indie title for the next generation Xbox One platform. The will also be a female game developer presenting a talk on their perspective on an industry which is dominated by men.

Play the games which were developed by local indie game developers on the latest next generation Xbox One consoles, or challenge your friends on a LAN gaming match! It’s going to be an amazing event for everybody to enjoy so don’t miss it!

17th September 2014 – Higher Education Centre’s Common Room

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Freshers 2014: 2 Weeks


Freshers’ 2014 is only two weeks away now at Hull College Group! We’re very excited to begin! From our traditional fair with all the freebies, to the Digital Hub with a LAN gaming match with your mates and a community event welcoming all the local causes. The is something for everyone this year! So have fun and more importantly grab those freebies!

Over 18 Events will be announced soon! We’re still continuing discussions with local partners for event days and great discounts in the local area.

We’ve published the full listing of events at Freshers on our Events page, and our official Freshers’ Guide will be available in the next few hours!

Events at Hull College:

  • Freshers Fair at Hull College (FE: 11th September, HE: 17th September): The traditional Freshers’ Fair is back this year, and better than ever! We’ve got a whole marquee of businesses and causes in the local area offering student discount & services. The will be a tasty BBQ outside and lots of entertainment! You don’t want to miss this!
  • Meet Your Student Union (FE: 8th September, HE: 15th September)Your Student Union will be visiting a classroom near you! We’ll give all the information you need regarding events at Freshers, and how the Union benefits your student life during your studies at Hull College.
  • Student Day (FE: 9th September, HE: 16th September)Looking for freebies, and useful student services in the local area? Well we’ve packed the HE Centre with businesses which are offering services for you during your students in Hull.
  • Community Day (FE: 10th September, HE: 18th September)Hull College welcomes local causes to meet students like you! Learn about your local community and maybe even volunteer at a local store!
  • Cool Down Day (FE: 12th September, HE: 19th September)It’s been a hectic week of meeting new friends, and experiencing lots of  Freshers’ events! Now chill out in the HE Centre with a hot drink and lovely background music! Student WiFi available for all too!

Events at Goole College:

  • Freshers’ Fair at Goole College (9th September): Just started at Goole College? Freshers’ Fair welcomes the local businesses in the area to meet students like you, and even pick up some freebie swag while you’re at it!

Events at Harrogate College:

  • Freshers’ Fair at Harrogate College (10th September): Just started at Harrogate College? Freshers’ Fair welcomes the local businesses in the area to meet students like you, and even pick up some freebie swag while you’re at it!



Welcome Back!


Welcome back to the official website of Hull College Group Students’ Union! We’ve been offline for a few weeks while we improved certain parts of our branding. However we are back just in time for Freshers’ 2014!

We have made it easier to find the content which you want! Looking for an event at Hull, Goole or Harrogate College? Visit our Events page to find events which are happening at your college. Maybe you’re looking for a society while you are studying at college? Then simply visit our Society page to view the societies which we run at your college, and even sign up for one!