UCU Strike information

As you may be aware by now, staff who are with UCU will be going on strike tomorrow as part of the national dispute over pay. Click here for a full explanation of the strike

The College will continue to be open as usual with the two exceptions of 14 – 16 year olds & those with Learning Difficulties and/or Disability (statement can be found here)

Last week the SU asked how you wished to be represented and 87.5% voted to support the strike – so the SU officers will be in the college on the day. National Union of Students also voted last week that they would support the strike in Solidarity on a national level. Many Students’ Unions across the country will be getting involved as well – at the end of the day, it will have an long term effect on students.

If your tutor is part of the strike, you can still access the library or HE Centre, or work from home. But do check as soon as possible whether your tutor will be in or not.

You can, if you wish, support the strike. If you do choose to not attend classes due to the strikes, please let your tutor know why you will not be in. There will be picket lines from 7am on all campuses (inc. High Street, HSAD, Horncastle etc.) and will all come together at the Wilberforce Statue on the Queen’s Garden campus at 9am. Placards can be collected from the City Centre from 8:15am.


Smoking Survey at College


In the recent Student Voice meeting, the Students’ Union were tasked in finding out students’ views were on smoking at the college and any areas that needed addressing i.e. smoking areas.

We have collaborated a short survey to get the basic information on the views before holding forums which students will be invited to in the new year. The purpose of the survey is to collect data on the students’ views from all sites in Hull, Harrogate & Goole and show this to the student community & the Committees for them to take in consideration. From there, this data plus the focus groups can help form future decisions at the college based on your views!

This survey is also on paper base as well and will be available from the following places;

– HE Centre

– Games Room

– Reception areas

– Business Support Offices in Horncastle, HSAD, Park Street, KC & Cannon Street.

Please return any paper versions to the HE Centre by 6th December at 4pm.

If you do have any questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Palmer (SU President) on emma@hcsu.co.uk .





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