Having recently been appointed to deliver the marketing for the festival, marketing agency Force-7 is looking to recruit a pro-active, creative and energetic intern to support us in the promotion, design, PR and production of the festival.
This is a full time paid placement (starting ASAP for a period of 8-weeks) based at our Force-7 Office in High Street, Hull.
You will also be working alongside Walk The Plank (the main production company behind Freedom) and our external PR expert Laura O’Donnell.
This position provides the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience in comms co-ordination as well as all areas of marketing and PR. This is a fast paced role for someone ready to hit the ground running.
Any previous experience will be considered (whether in an agency, design or just generally the arts / events) – we will create the role around the candidate who best demonstrates the willingness to deliver alongside our team with energy and enthusiasm.
If you would like to find out further information and apply for this role please visit the link below:  
For an informal chat about the role please contact Vicky White on 01482 223883 or

Calling Script Writers!

580169_484253138320771_1948206182_nCompetition time with Blackden Bolton Audio!

We are looking for a script to turn into a 6-part, hour long podcast style radio play…

The script can be any genre from drama to sit-com but must be set in the post-apocalyptic future. We want you to send in a draft outline of the story, no more than one side of A4, and the full first opening scene.

The winning script will be turned into an audio play, six episodes and posted throughout various mediums. The writer will have the chance to be hands on in the creation of the play, working closely with sound design and the actors in a real industry setting.


Competition closes 1st September 2013 and the winner will be announced on 10th September. Please send all entries to with the subject heading set to the following format: ‘Script Competition’, [Story Name], [Your Name]

Good luck!

NUS National Executive Council Statement: Trayvon Martin

The following statement was issued from the Executive Committee from National Union of Students in response to the recent verdict of the Zimmerman trial in America this month.


“Trayvon Martin was shot dead in February last year.

An unarmed young black man carrying an iced tea and bag of sweets on his way home from a convenience store was shot dead in Sanford, Florida on Sunday 26 February last year. The death of Trayvon Martin that night was a tragedy for his family, for his community, and for all of us. Trayvon’s death caused outrage and consternation across the world. The ‘not guilty’ verdict passed by a US jury yesterday has reawakened and intensified feelings of passion and injustice. Calls for calm, for a community whose faith in the US justice system has been rocked by recent events, are hard to take. Our thoughts at this time are with the real victim’s family, friends and community: it is Trayvon Martin who had his life taken from him. Calls of justice for Trayvon will not cease until they are answered.”

Abseiling for Whizz Kidz!


What will you be doing on Friday 30th August?

Hull College will be hosting their annual Big Bash event with a special treat in association with the charity ‘Whizz Kidz’. There will be a sponsored abseil down the main Tower Block of Hull College to raise money for young people to get the ideal wheelchair for their needs.

Amongst the daredevils taking part in the challenge, there will be some of your officers from the Hull College Students’ Union – so if you want to sponsor them, they will be putting details up shortly of how you can sponsor them for this worthy cause.

And don’t forget you can be a volunteer or ambassador for the charity! For further details, email for an information pack.

Looking forward to be seeing you at the Big Bash!